Kyebr Keyboard Master: Tips and Tricks for Typing Faster

Kyebr Keyboard Master: Tips and Tricks for Typing Faster

The keyboard is the best way to save time when typing on your smartphone or tablet. It’s a tool that allows you to type words almost as fast as speaking them. If you’re not using it, you’re probably not getting the most out of your phone.

In this article, we will look at some tips and tricks for mastering your Android device’s keyboard. Your phone may have come with a preinstalled keyboard app, but chances are you can find an even better one on Google Play. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices out there.

No matter what features you want from a keyboard app, there is something for everyone. So here are some Tips And Tricks For Typing Faster On Kyebr Keyboard Master:

Master the keyboard by practicing

The best way to get good at typing on a keyboard is to type a lot. This might sound obvious, but it’s important to remember.

Typing on a touchscreen keyboard is not the same as typing on a physical keyboard, but you can still get better with practice. You might find that you have to re-learn how to type on a keyboard.

This is okay. Every keyboard layout is different. It might take a while before you get used to your new layout.

Use the keyboard for everything

Typing on a keyboard is faster than using your other phone features. It’s not just about sending messages and emails, either. You can use your keyboard for all kinds of tasks, so don’t forget about it.

You can use your keyboard for basic things like setting alarms, looking up directions, and searching the internet. You can even use it to set timers, add items to your shopping list, take notes, and more.

If you keep your keyboard front and center in your mind, you will start to see just how useful it is.

Spend some time tweaking your keyboard’s settings

Every keyboard app is different, but the majority of them have similar settings panels that let you customize the keyboard’s look and functionality. Some of the things you might want to change include: –

The keyboard’s theme – The layout – Your board type – Settings for auto-correct – Keyboard sounds – Word suggestions – The length of your board – The position of various keys.

The keyboard’s settings panel also lets you add some advanced features to your keyboard. This is where you can add text expansion shortcuts and use your keyboard to control your phone.

Don’t forget about the space bar

The space bar is one of the keys you will use most when typing on a touchscreen keyboard. However, many keyboards don’t have a dedicated space bar key. This can be frustrating, but there are a couple of things you can do to deal with it.

Most keyboard apps allow you to add a space bar to your keyboard. This can be helpful, but even if your keyboard app doesn’t have this feature, there are other ways to add a space to your keyboard.

If your keyboard app doesn’t have a space bar feature, or if you just want to add a couple of other keys to your keyboard, you can add a keyboard shortcut. You can also change where your keyboard keys are located, so the space bar is easier to find.

Add shortcut keys

A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys that opens an app or performs a task. Depending on what keyboard you are using, you can add shortcut keys to send emails, open your favorite apps, take notes, and do almost anything else you can do with your phone.

By adding shortcut keys, you can save yourself time by not having to navigate away from your keyboard to perform these tasks. You can also use shortcut keys to work faster on your phone.

Lay out your most-used words in text expansion shortcuts

Text expansion (or text expansion shortcuts) allow you to type particular words or phrases by typing a short combination of letters.

You can use text expansion to type things like your email address, your full name, and other bits of information you type frequently. You can also use text expansion to type entire sentences or even paragraphs.

If you don’t want to type everything out, text expansion is the way to go. You can even use text expansion shortcuts to type long phrases that you often use in your everyday life, like “thank you,” “please,” and more.

Add a number row

The number row is a row of digits above your keyboard. It’s fairly common on physical keyboards, but touchscreen keyboards don’t always have one. If you regularly type numbers, you might want to add a number row to your keyboard.

This is especially useful if you are using a keyboard app that doesn’t have a number row built in. You can add a number row to your keyboard by using an advanced feature.

You can also set up your keyboard to display numbers above the letters, although this can take some getting used to.


A keyboard app can make typing on your phone so much easier. If you are struggling to get the most out of your keyboard, though, you might want to try a new one.

There are plenty of keyboard apps available on Google Play, and almost all of them are free to use. You don’t have to use the keyboard that came with your phone, but you probably should.

Why? Because it’s the best way to get better and faster at writing on touchscreen devices.



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